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Content Management System (CMS) has played a vital role in evolving web development techniques and web designs, making interactive user interface and unique design more of a necessity than need. Application Nexus Webservices Pvt. Ltd. (here after called company) is part of this evolution and has been working closely with open source CMS technologies since many years. With a forte of developing unique and interactive websites for clients and internal projects, company has delivered many sites in the cloud till today.

Understanding the design requirements and technical challenges for web developers/designers has instigated us to build an exclusive platform for web designers to download and modify unique designs to create high quality websites. After significant research and understanding of CMS platforms like Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal, we have taken crucial step to launch www.themesplanet.com.

The word ‘planet’ was intentionally chosen which signifies our comprehensive portfolio of Drupal themes which can cater to each and every niche. With constantly evolving technology and competition, we work very hard to offer best Drupal themes with plethora of unique features. As a result of that we became leading producer of highly professional and superior quality Drupal themes, templates and modules. It is not that we just care about technology, but we are highly passionate about customers achieving success through our matchless Drupal themes. The feeling is difficult to describe when our customers tell us how our theme became face for their business, achieved them big deal or won them significant recognition. In short, our themes portray what customers want to describe and when they get satisfy, we feel satisfied too.

On the virtue of our featured rich themes and technical support, we have become one of the leading Drupal theme providers in the industry. Our each and every theme is configured with Nexus Framework so that a user can launch his site in quick time and focus more on content development and business promotion. We are always looking forward to work on new theme ideas, so do send us new theme request. Remember you are not buying just a Drupal theme from us but you are buying a foundation that will help you to run business efficiently.

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