Knowledge Base

  1. Go on 'Themes' category and click on any specific theme which you want to install. On demo page you can see a button for download. Click on the button to start with the initial process. If you are not registered user, you need to create a new account. Once you are done with these stages, you are allowed to download the file.
  2. After downloading the file go on your ‘www directory’. If you want to rename the file, you can do it. After doing this, paste the file in ‘www directory’ (this process is for localhost). For your live site you will need to upload your downloaded file on ‘root directory’ through FileZilla.
  3. Once you copy or upload your downloaded file on ‘root directory’, then go on your site url and start with installation. For example http://localhost/foldername OR
  4. To do further installation you will need to select the profile of a particular theme. For example, if you want to install TP Baby Pink then you suppose to select TP Baby Pink profile and follow the further installation steps.
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