Responsive Layout

A nicely coded and well designed theme doesn’t mean everything, but what you need is a perfect way to make it more adaptable. As long as you are with ThemesPlanet, you can assume that your themes are compatible with every recent web browser and all the versions of Drupal. Our each and every theme is well optimized to function on large screen monitors and modern devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android and tablet.

Our fully responsive Drupal themes are compatible with all modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer 8 and above.

ThemesPlanet’s every Drupal theme is based on HTML5 , CSS3 and Bootstrap. Effective utilization of CSS3 also offers stylization and superior effects which can enhance your web presence without losing its basic structure. A liquid layout also referred as fluid layout adjusts itself to any screen resolution or browser window. On the virtue of this highly advanced function, you can utilize your site space in highly efficient way.

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