Terms of service

  1. License: Every ThemesPlanet template is GPL compliant and each PHP component of all the themes and designs is licensed under GPL license of parent platform. Besides this, the non-compiled part such as CSS files and custom theme images are licensed under ‘ThemesPlanet Proprietary Use License’. Free themes are released considering every aspect of template under GPL or MIT license.
  2. Modifications: You are allowed to make any modification(s) to our offered product(s) in order to meet your own or your client’s requirement. However, before making any changes remember that once you make any modifications, you will not receive any product support as debugging and troubleshooting can be done only on unmodified version of product(s).
  3. Updates: Our every template is designed while considering the very recent version of Drupal, but we can’t give any guarantee that our templates will work with every previous or future releases. Members can keep in touch with us to discuss any issues regarding software versions.
  4. Unauthorized Use: Utilizing non-GPL component of our templates to some different platform or promote it as GPL is strictly illegal. You are not allowed to redistribute any of our products without taking prior permission from ThemesPlanet or its owners. Any redistribution of our products without prior consent will result in legal action from ThemesPlanet.com.
  5. Ownership: One cannot claim intellectual or exclusive ownership to our any of the product whether modified or unmodified. Every product available on ThemesPlanet is a property of ThemesPlanet and its respective owners. In no situation ThemesPlanet.com will be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or any consequential damages or losses arising out of use or inability of person to use our products.
  6. Assignability: You are not allowed to sub-license, transfer or assign any template license distributed by ThemesPlanet to anyone without taking prior permission from ThemesPlanet or its owners.
  7. Warranty: ThemesPlanet does not provide any guarantee or warranty on its products in any manner. We don’t guarantee that they will operate with all third party components, web browsers or plugins. Besides this, we can’t guarantee our themes will always work in proper way on the Web browser of your choice. It is completely your responsibility to test your browser against Drupal themes on demo server of ThemesPlanet.
  8. Support:   You agree by the use of ThemesPlanet themes that it is at your own risk and you accept full responsibility for any costs associated with repairs and servicing of any equipment you utilize in connection with our templates. We don’t offer any phone support but we request you to email us your complaints. For any issues related with theme downloading or technical support please get in touch with us via e-mail here.
  9. Use of Content: Any content published on ThemesPlanet is protected by trademark, copyright or any other proprietary rights. Content utilized in Demos is used only for demonstration purpose and it shouldn’t be used in live environment without prior consent from ThemesPlanet. Usage of ThemesPlanet templates for promoting tobacco, pornography based sites or any other addictive material is strictly prohibited.
  10. Indemnity: You acknowledge for keeping ThemesPlanet completely harmless and safe from any demand or claim including any third party due or attorney’s fees incurred because of your use of template or this website.
  11. Important Information: Registration with ThemesPlanet implies that you thoroughly read, understood and agree to stick to the stated terms and conditions of ThemesPlanet. We reserve every right to modify, change or remove any term and condition on the site without prior notice. ThemesPlanet also reserves the right to modify or change the entire membership structure from time to time.
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